me as what I AM

Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived, via Latin "petra", from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock".
Pronunciation English: /ˈpiːtər/ PEE-tər; also PAY-tur
Gender Male
Meaning stone
Origin Greek

May16, 1992-Angel Ambriel- Angel of Communication

This blessed angel inspires clear communication to awaken our spirit and helps guide our consciousness toward inner truth. Gently guiding human beings toward a time when truth and clarity will be the universal norm.

Ambriel is also known as a protective angel. Ambriel presides over the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May.

Those born in May pray to Ambriel for special blessings and protection.

"Panu nalang kaya ako kapag wala ang buhay teatro?"

i am always thinking that life is beatiful, positive and hopeful.

dreaming that someday i can attain my goals in life and keep my promises.

God is my Life!!

being good to everyone is one of my stepping stones in life.

i want to be dareDEVIL that can make me different to others...hahahaha..

always ready in any way you want!!!

"Every journey in life begins in a single STEP."

Saturday experiment #foodporn #foodgram #foodgasm #hai #jam (at Home, Talisay City)
When I tell you HAPPINESS I show it. #greatsmilecomesgreatreason (at C’s - L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod)
A beautiful night with the beautiful @itsmariaritchell  (at C’s - L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod)
Its been a while not seeing each other together. #happykiddo #sugarcrash #reunited with @kaleepatton @itsmariaritchell  (at C’s - L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod)
Haters will hate but we see life wider than the sky. #happykiddo #weloveourjob #fieldwork #positive #sharehappiness #sorrynotsorry with @vahloval
To the east! #work #workloads #bacolod #ilovemyjob #fieldwork #tuesdaytravel with @vahloval
Closing sunday with this. #miren #foodporn #foodgram #foodgasm #sugarcrash

Gold dust is covering the love in the room. #50thweddinganniversary #sarrosamaranon50th #goldenroom  (at Natures Village Hotel and Resort, Talisay City)
Trimming Saturday (at Ysabella’s Beauty Haven & Day Spa)
Prep for tomorrow’s event. #sarrosamaranon50th with @zadhea_s @jensencerv  (at Natures Village Hotel and Resort, Talisay City, Negros Occidental)
Yes, she is my soulmate, my extraordinary sister, my big love, my other arm, my laughter (you know what I mean), my other half and most of all my greatest bestfriend! Today she made my day simply because it’s her birthday! @itsmariaritchell Let’s make an epic night tomorrow like there is nobody cares! Love ya mega, Am a proud Peter Palma for you!
Reaching for the tree of LIFE.
Good morning Wednesday! #buko #fresh #naturalquencher #ilovemyjob #bacolod #workmode101